TOGAF, in Series or in Parallel ?

When becoming TOGAF certified you at some point be faced with the dilemma of either taking the two TOGAF exams in series, i.e. the Foundation OG0-91 exam followed by the Certified Exam OG0-092 some time later, or taking the combined Part 1 and Part 2 Exam OG0-093 to achieve Level 2 certification directly. If like me you are paying the certifications yourself then the financial implications will need to be taken into account, since taking the exams individually costs approximately 25% more.

In the UK each individual exam works out at around £195 each and the combined exam is £301. So by taking the combined exam you can make a saving of £89. But there is a catch, if you fail either of the two parts of the combined exam you don’t receive any credit for the other part you passed!

However, the saving of £89 was significant for me, so I took the combined exam and found that part 1 was in fact a good warm-up to part 2. Part 1 is significantly easier than part 2 and I would be amazed if anyone who took the combined exam failed part 1 but passed part2.

So in summary my advice would be:

  • If cost is an issue, and level 2 certification is your goal, then wait until your study has achieve the standard required by the level 2 certified exam and then take the combined exam.
  • If cost isn’t an issue (for example, your company is paying for the exams) then take them in series, why give yourself more pressure than you need and you can build your confidence by passing the Foundation exam first.
  • If you can pass the Certified (Part 2) exam then you will find the Part 1 Foundation questions easy.
  • There is plenty of time in the combined exam and I personally didn’t find doing a two part exam in one go a problem, if anything the part 1 exam was a good warm-up for what was to come in part 2.

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