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TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam


Let's Start the quiz "TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam"!

Something about this quiz: The Quiz selects 40 questions from the TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam Study Guide to test your knowledge of the subjects found on the TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam.
You will be asked 40 questions

Please note that my TOGAF 9 Foundation Study Guide available from Amazon contains over 200 questions and answers that will help you in your goal to passing the exam.

12 thoughts on “Foundation Quiz

  1. Question 8 always say incorrect even if correct answer given. Apart from that both quiz and guide are very very useful…..

    Thanks for all your hard work…

    • Hi Reg,

      I’ve checked the answer and spotted the problem. In this question you have to select 2 of the answers from the list (it’s multi-choice). However, I didn’t make this clear in the question so I’ve changed it to explicitly ask you to select two answers. Thank you for the feedback and helping to improve the quiz for everyone, very much appreciated. Thanks for the kind comments and good luck in taking the exam. Let me know how you get on.

      • Kevin,
        I see your change I think you may have a control character in the answers selection I’ve copied the comment you supply on checking the answers
        Correct answer: ADM Guidelines & Techniques. Architecture Content Framework.
        Your answer: ADM Guidelines & Techniques.|Architecture Content Framework.

        Keep up the good work…I’ll let you know if I pass

  2. Kevin,
    Thanks for all your help by providing the quiz the guide was usefull as well, I passed part 1 now onto part 2 do you have a guide and quiz for that one as well?

    • Reg, Congratulations on passing the Part 1 exam. Well done.
      I’m working on some Part 2 information that I will post but it’s not ready yet. Things to revise would be the TOGAF Skills and how they are used in a Enterprise Practice (measuring capability) and also make sure you know the differences between Solution Building Blocks, Architectural Building Blocks and how they all fit into the Enterprise Continuum. I also found looking up the uses for particular artefact types in the PDF copy of the TOGAF document very useful in answering one of the questions.

  3. Your “correct” answer for Architecture definition (select 2 from 4 answers) question is wrong – its simply definition taken from TOGAF.

  4. Question 35 asks for the objective of the business Architecture Phase, the correct response reflects the steps, not the objectives. Right answer should be Develop a Target Business Architecture. Anyhow, thanks for the test. When are you planning the test for Level2 scenarios?

  5. Hi Kevin
    that was a good one. Thank you very much for offering this practice mock test. Has helped me to gain more confidence before i go out for the actual exam. thanks again :-) i wish you would also post the Part II exam’s mock (Scenario Based Questions) as well.

    • Giamma,

      I agree with you. what do you suggest the answer would be. i think it lessons learnt are documented only in Phase F

  6. Thanks for this excellent initiative. A “real time” test example puts you in the same emotional state of a real exam.
    The questions are pertinent, even if some disagreements may arise (I did not find any)
    However, I was disappointed when I realized that starting the quiz again does not change the set of questions being proposed (you announce that the 40 questions are taken from a set of over 200). The only thing that changes is the order of presentation of the options).

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